What is a Case Management Workflow?

A Case Management Workflow is the logic, process or method your business uses for resolving issues. Issues can have many sources. For instance, they can be raised by customers, partners or internal staff.

Getting business logic right is difficult. So, with Crust Service Solution, we go out of our way to make it easier for you to to align your business logic across your organisation. This could be for improving your existing processes or for a complete digital transformation strategy.

Fully Integrated Case Management System

The flexibility of your open-source Case Management system is key. We built Crust Service Solution on the Crust low-code development platform. This means your organisation can:

  • Tailor every element of Crust Service Solution
  • Easily add new components and build software online
  • Integrate with the Crust open-source CRM Suite and Crust Enterprise Messaging to build a complete Customer Management System
  • Implement Smart Apps to connect to your local environment
  • Take advantage of the Crust Unify application management system
  • Make full use of the Crust RestAPI
  • And much much more

Open-Source workflow engine

Being the premium open-source low-code development platform allows Crust to deliver case management workflow like no other solution. That’s because the Crust automation engine (“Corredor”) for writing workflows can speak to and execute commands on any component of the Crust platform. In other words, you can have case management workflows in your Crust Service Solution that speak to other solutions. These include:

  • Crust CRM Suite
  • Enterprise Messaging
  • Crust Identity and Access Management

For instance, you can create a workflow that updates the account in the CRM and show case statud. Like this the sales team is aware of any open cases before contacting for a renewal. Another example is thet you can automatically send messages to a dedicated support channel in Crust Enterprise Messaging when a new case has been created.

It is not just about delivering business logic for case management within Crust Service Solution. Corredor can push workflows between different applications on one Crust platform. Additionally, it can even push them between Crust applications and third party applications. For example, you may need your Crust Service Solution for customer support to trade with Jira from Atlassian. You can do this thanks to the Crust RestAPI. Moreover, if you needed your Smart Schooling system to speak to Crust Education Cloud, you can easily achieve secure data exchange.

As an open-source workflow engine, Crust Corredor knows few if any limits. As a result your organisation’s case management workflow volume can be as, rich, high and as intense as you require. With its open architecture, Crust Service Solution grows to “customer scale” while equipping your business to evolve and respond with always increasing efficiency.

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