High Trust “Customer Scale” Messaging with Crust

Every business needs an effective and secure messaging system. However, that system should also be able to scale to customer populations, bringing your automated processes, workflows and your team itself into a closer and richer collaboration with your customers than ever before.

Crust Enterprise Messaging is a self-hosted or private cloud enterprise messaging system with a comparable feature set to Slack corporate messaging. It provides a important communication layer for Crust CRM, but exists as a standalone offering too.

  • Employees
    Crust Enterprise Messaging enables your employees to collaborate more closely and more dynamically, improving productivity in all manner of use cases, right from staff on-boarding where new joiners can review the available history of a team in one place, to building “deal rooms” for critical business opportunities, or notification channels for important events.
  • Contractors
    Using our PrivacyIDEA integration allows Crust Enterprise Messaging to facilitate over twenty different multi-factor authentication protocols, from simple one time password mechanisms to a variety of token and certificate based solutions. Combined with granular identity and access management controls, Crust Enterprise Messaging scales securely to your contractor requirements
  • Partners
    Building productive partnerships is complex. Crust Enterprise Messaging helps simplify this task by allowing your organisation to deliver dynamic notification feeds, sales response forums, shared customer service rooms, access to archived history and much more. The partner relationship should be rewarding for both parties. Crust Enterprise Messaging helps you take it to new levels.
  • Suppliers
    Whether your organisation is in manufacturing or services. or is private, public sector or not-for-profit, its relationship with its suppliers always impacts the output. Use Crust Enterprise Messaging to unify your supply chain and improve co-ordination between suppliers. Centrally monitor for alerts and notifications, create discussion and negotiation channels or securely exchange sensitive documents and plans – all from within your own environment and all under your control.
  • Customers
    Uniquely integrated with Crust CRM, the leading private cloud Salesforce alternative, Crust Enterprise Messaging drives the strength of your customer relationships like never before. Creating one-to-one direct message channels with every single customer, team service channels for complex case management, private group discussions, read-only public notifications or advanced automation integrations are just some of the options from within a single user interface. Drive your organisation’s real-time communications to “Customer Scale” with Crust Enterprise Messaging.

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