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The 7 Benefits of Low-Code for Sales Teams

There has been a substantial increase in the adoption of low-code platforms, including Crust, in the past few months. Lock down and enforced WFH (working from home) has led many companies to make the move to low-code platforms. This enabled them to adapt quickly to the new situation. Prior to the pandemic many organisations already […]

How do you maintain relationships with clients?

To start answering this question, what makes a good relationship with clients? Regular communication, listening to what your customers need and want They need to feel they can trust you, and that you will deliver the most best option for them Additionally, if something goes wrong, they can come back to you and know you […]

Why is Customer Relationship Management important?

The 3 main reasons why Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is important are: Up to date information Customer information is always up to date, and easily accessible to all authorised staff. Automation Automation enables the streamlining of complex customer interaction processes, which saves time and reduces errors. Insights Finally, it provides businesses with reporting tools. Understand […]

Why do you need a CRM?

I’ve worked as both a Manager & a Sales Consultant in several different sectors including CRM Suites. My advice to any organisation considering getting a CRM is to start with the following question: What do my team need the CRM to do for them & how will it help them achieve their goals?