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How CRM Software Can Change Your Online Business

When you hear the word CRM, what comes to your mind? Do you see a software that helps you keep customer data or do you see an application that provides actionable insights? If you think of it only as a customer information repository, then you may not be taking much advantage of the capabilities of […]

Cross-Application and Federated Automation with Corteza Corredor

5 August 2019 Cork, Ireland Crust Technology has announced the impending release of Corteza Corredor, its new backend technology for cross-application and federated workflow automation. “The original philosophical intent behind Crust was for the platform to be a seamless three way marriage between identity, communication and business logic” says Niall McCarthy, CEO of Crust Technology. […]

CIB and Crust Technology announce partnership to create the LibreOffice Online “Corteza” distribution

Munich, Germany 20 June 2019 CIB and Crust Technology today announced a partnership to create the LibreOffice Online “Corteza” distribution, a free production grade release of the LibreOffice Online software. All software development will be carried out within The Document Foundation, the custodian of the LibreOffice project, while packages will also be made available via […]

Crust Technology donates Corteza, “The Digital Work Platform for Humanity”

  Date: 20 June 2019 Place: Amsterdam, Netherlands Crust Technology (www.crust.tech) today announced that it is contributing all of its private cloud software infrastructure to the Commons Conservancy Foundation. The independent project will be named “Corteza” and marketed as “The Digital Work Platform for Humanity”. A modern cloud architecture written predominantly in Golang and Vue.js, […]

Crust’s CRM Suite review by FinancesOnline

Crust’s CRM Suite has been reviewed by the renowned website FinancesOnline.com, and received the “2019 Rising Star” and “2019 Premium Usability” awards. Reviews at FinancesOnline are created by a panel of skilled experts who manually create solid, detailed and trustworthy reviews, giving readers a useful overview of all key factors of each software. They test […]