Advantages of Rapid Application Development include which of the following?

  • More Flexibility
  • Faster Results for your Business
  • Increased Delivery Quality
  • Standards-Oriented Platform
  • Cloud-Ready
  • Lower Costs

The answer is: all of the above, and more!

Low-code development is taking the world by storm. It’s estimated to increase at a annual growth rate of 45% to become a market worth $54 billion by 2024. It’s an exciting market to be in. Crust leads the way the field of open-source, delivering an advanced low-code development environment at the heart of its product suite.

The Crust Open-source Low Code Development platform includes every essential feature

What makes the Crust low-code development platform Compose so attractive? Certainly, the reasons in the list above are important. But there are more reasons when you look at Crust. Here is a list that highlights why you should use Crust for Rapid Application Development. The most important ones are:

  1. Completeness of Approach.
    From open-source CRMs to open-source case management and open-source workflow automation, Crust understands what the market needs. So with it, you can deliver beautiful, secure and feature rich applications in record time.
  2. Freedom.
    We keep coming back to it, but the open-source Crust is itself built on free software. As a result, you can inspect every component in the back end and front end. For instance, the smart app or the accompanying open-source workflow engine you build.
  3. Modern.
    Crust CRM Suite is the top Golang CRM. However, in fact, we wrote the entire backend of the Crust low-code development platform in Golang. Additionally, the frontend is written in lightweight Vue.js.
  4. No “lock-in”.
    This is a critical point. Whether you’re building a free CRM for business integration, Crust does not tie you in with any potentially expensive tricks. Therefore, wherever possible, it’s standards-based and you are always free to migrate elsewhere.
  5. Capable of replicating market-leading technology.
    Keeping a customer-focused approach often means having the best tools the market can offer. Consequently, you can customise Crust to deliver the functionality of market-leading technology in various domains.
  6. Ideal for migration from legacy systems.
    Digital transformation strategy is hard enough, but with rich API’s and data import tools, Crust makes the process easier. So, as the open-source “low-code no-code” leader, Crust is the most flexible platform on the market.


Ticking all the boxes is a difficult job to do. However, with the right philosophy and backed by Corteza, the popular community project founded and maintained by Crust Technology, the Crust Low Code Development platform grows from strength to strength. firstly, with Crust you get all the advantages of standard Rapid Application Development. Secondly, you get all the advantages of it being open-source. And thirdly, you get a modern, efficient and attractive platform you can grow with.

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