7 reasons why Crust CRM is Reshaping the Open Source CRM Landscape

Crust CRM, the open source Salesforce alternative, looks to market leaders such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics when ensuring we build a competitive feature set. We also have an innovative approach of our own, centered on marrying identity, communication and business logic, which underpins our platform architecture and guarantees maximum flexibility and extensibility.

Here’s a simple list of what sets us apart from other open source CRM’s:

1. Crust CRM values identity in all it forms.

Being part-owned by an identity management business ensures our understanding of Customer IAM is second to none. The platform has been built to support over 50 different authentication sources and take into account GDPR requirements by design.

2. A true CRM should be a Customer Engagement platform, not just a static list of records.

Crust CRM has been designed to help you bring your customers closer, add new services for those who desire so and manage permissions easily and effectively.

3. With Customer Engagement directly on your platform comes the requirement to scale without downtime or architectural rethinks.

Crust CRM is modern cloud technology, built in super fast Golang (written by Google) and Vue.js and deployable in microservice containers if required. Stepping up to “Customer Scale” becomes a reality for any organisation.

4. Own your business logic.

Automation and workflow builders are often unnecessarily complex tools and designed to lock you in to expensive services. Crust CRM’s unique approach, using a JavaScript engine, allows you to set the parameters clearly, then implement and reuse your logic where required. With a complete copy of the underlying JavaScript code at your fingertips, you will never be locked in.

5. Fit to your software ecosystem.

With extensive API’s and intuitive interfaces, Crust CRM combines seamlessly with Crust Unify to allow you incorporate and communicate with your existing software ecosystem, enabling a consistent platform look and feel.

6. Powered by Low Code.

Customizing a CRM should be straightforward. Crust CRM is built on Crust Compose, the leading open source Low Code development environment for delivering records-based management applications. Developing responsive CRM web customizations has never been easier.

7. Communication is a pleasure.

Crust Enterprise Messaging, a feature rich Slack alternative, ships with Crust CRM by default and integrates seamlessly when required. Fancy some face time? Jitsi WebRTC comes by default, but other video technology can be accommodated too.

Crust CRM is not just open source. We apply the principles of “openness” and standardization to every corner of our architecture and design process, delivering the most flexible and extensible platform on the market. Customers expect their service with ever greater speed and accuracy. Your choice of CRM should lead the way.

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